Blister Pack Management Service

What is 'blister' packaging and why are they used?

Blister packing is a weekly dosage system designed to ensure you take the correct tablets at the right time of the day

Your medicines are dispensed in convenient 7 day packs, in separate compartments, according to the time of day you need to take them. Each time of the day is clearly marked on the tablet organiser pack - breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed, to ensure the right medication is taken at the right time.

This service takes the stress and worry away from carers.

This service ensures that the patient takes their correct medication at the correct time of the day.

This service is perfect for:

  • Patients with complicated medication regimens
  • Those with Parkinson's, Alzheimer's diseases
  • Those on more than three or more tablets
  • Those who may forget to take their medication or have a tendency to take their medication more often than they should

Please ask our Pharmacist for more information.



COVID-19 Pandemic Procedures - Our elderly/vulnerable customers are very important to us particularly at this time - in this circumstance, we can deliver your prescription to your home.