ProBelle Deoderant Shoe Patch 1 Pair

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A porous pouch that adheres to the inside of any closed toe shoe; it eliminates odor-causing bacteria & deodorizes with a clean forest scent for up to 90 days. Forget the hassle of messy powders & sprays you have to use daily; the Shoe Deodorant Patch requires zero maintenance with no mess. The antimicrobial solution inside the pouch is emitted into the shoe like a personal air freshener specifically designed for your footwear. Small but powerful the insert won’t be felt or move, loved by runners, athletes & those on the go! The Shoe Deodorant Patch is a no-brainer for people that like to go sockless but have to deal with the stinky consequences. Only peel & stick, then replace every 90 days, 4 times a year or as needed. It's that easy!