Pharmanord BioActive Tan Care 60


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TanCare Pharma Nord contains a big dose of pure betacarotene which is a carotenoid that belongs to a group of yellow and red plant dyes. It is betacarotene which gives carrots their orange colour. Betacarotene is fat soluble, ie. is best absorbed along with a fat.

Betacarotene isa provitamin, as it can be converted to vitamin A when the body is in need. 
When betacarotene is converted to vitamin A, this will contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and mucous membranes, as well as helping to maintain normal eyesight and a normal immune function.

Betacarotene and smokers

All dietary supplements that contain betacarotene should be avoided by smokers. This warning is based on research showing that large doses of betacarotene taken by heavy smokers may increase their risk of lung cancer.
There is no evidence suggesting that betacarotene supplements are harmful for non-smokers.