Lyclear Creme Rinse Headlice Treatment 2 x 59ml


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Kills lice and their eggs instantly, in an easy-to-use 10 minute treatment.

Lyclear Creme Rinse is a treatment for head lice and nits, working in just 10 minutes to kill the lice and get rid of their eggs. Lyclear contains the active ingredient Permethrin, which works as an insecticide. Permethrin kills the head lice and their eggs instantly, leaving your hair free and clear of lice. The provided comb can help you to be sure that the head lice and nits are gone from your hair.

Head lice are tiny insects that live on the hair and scalp, they lay their eggs, which are also known as nits on the scalp and hair also. Head lice and nits are very common in young children, as they are picked up through head-to-head contact which can happen when children play. These insects can make your head feel itchy and like something is moving in your hair.

Features of Lyclear Creme Rinse 2x59ml

  • Kills lice and eggs
  • 10 minute treatment
  • Easy-to-use
  • Hair free from lice
  • Comb removes dead lice and eggs