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Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well, and I'm sure happy after yesterdays government announcement!
For this months blog post, we are talking all things tanning – prep, application and removal. We are going to use Dripping Gold products as our examples as there is such a wide range of products available and at a great price point too.
Dripping Gold is an Irish tanning range created by one of Ireland's top influencers, Suzanne Jackson, A.K.A SoSueMe. Dripping Gold has proven to be very popular and is used by influencers such as Mark Rogers @m.rbeauty , Ruth Bergin @ruthberginmakeupartist , Kate O' Neill @kakemeup , Bonnie Ryan @bonnieryan , and many more.  
Suzanne has created a huge range of products with Dripping Gold and her other brand SOSU, including makeup, lashes, false nails.  So once we are allowed out again you will be looking great and ready to go.  What's more, we have a discount on ALL our SOSU products online and in store for the month of May.  Read to the end of this blog to find out more.........

Here's our video to show you how to get the best natural looking false tan ever using SOSU Dripping Gold products!  



Fail to prepare - prepare to Fail:

So, before you apply any tanning products, it’s really important to prep your skin by exfoliation. We recommend doing this 24 hours before tanning. This will this get rid of dead skin and it will also create the perfect base for your chosen tanning products. When exfoliating, it’s important to pay extra attention to those really stubborn, dry areas like your feet, ankles, elbows and knees. If you have any other areas that are extra dry, make sure to exfoliate them well.

Our Product Picks: 

Dripping Gold Pre Party Polish       

Fake Tan False Tan Pre Party Moisturiser SOSU dripping gold         

Dripping Gold Exfoliation Mitt 

  Fake tan False Tan exfoliation exfoliating mitt SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris

Moisturizer is king:

After exfoliating, it’s so important that you apply plenty of moisturiser. Fake tan will cling to any dry areas, so you need to make sure you are well-hydrated beforehand. It’s extra important to moisturise any drier areas, making sure to leave at least 2-3 hours before tanning, as you could prevent the tan from taking to the skin if you try to apply it too soon after moisturising.

Our Product Picks: 

Dripping Gold Post Party Moisturiser

  Fake Tan False Tan Post Party Moisturiser SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris


How to apply your Tan:

When applying tan, we always using a velvet tanning mitt. Using a velvet mitt ensures that the tan application is as smooth and easy as possible. You could use a lotion, mousse or liquid tan, depending on your skin type. Note - if you have particularly dry skin you might find the lotion works better for you. Start with your shins, applying in circular motions and adding more product as required.  Applying like this helps make sure you don't miss any patches. Just be careful around the hands and feet; the best way to avoid orange streaks is to buff any leftover tan from the legs and arms lightly over these, or you can use some tan mixed with moisturiser and apply it with a foundation buffer brush if you like. Less is definitely more for these areas!  As for the back, maybe ask someone to give you a hand:)

Our Product Picks: 

Dripping Gold Tanning Lotion



tan lotion fake tan false tan SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris Dripping Gold



Dripping Gold Tanning Mousse


tan mousse fake tan false tan SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris Dripping Gold


 Dripping Gold Tanning Liquid


tan liquid fake tan false tan SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris Dripping Gold



How to maintain your Tan:

Now you have got yourself all bronzed and beautiful, the trick is keeping it even and long-lasting. The main way to keep tan fading evenly is to keep exfoliating gently and keep moisturizing. This will also help keep your skin in tip top condition if you want to top up your tan again in a few days. We find that most tans last for about 5 days before you need to start your routine all over again. If you still have some tan left on at this stage, you can use a tan remover before you shower, or you can use a scrub again. The tan remover is very gentle to use, as there is less pulling of the skin.

Our Product Picks: 

Dripping Gold Fresh Glow Removal Mousse


tan remover fake tan false tan SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris Dripping Gold


Have you tried any of the above products? Let us know your thoughts, or tag us in your Instagram posts @flynnspharmacycmorris. As always we would love to hear from you!


Now down to the important stuff!

Fake Tan False Tan Dripping Gold SOSU Flynn's Pharmacy Claremorris

As promised above, you can get 10% off both the Dripping Gold & SOSU range in store & online at for the entire month of May. If shopping online, enter the code DG10 when prompted.  And don't forget we offer next day tracked delivery and it's FREE if you spend over €50!!


Thanks for reading and let's get this Summer started!

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