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At this uncertain time, it is vital to look after our physical and mental health in any way we can. Here in Flynn's we want to ensure you have the right information to make the best decisions for your health and well being. Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies


We are suggesting a number of ways in which you can support your immune system and mental health as best you can plus our top picks to help boost your immunity:


During a healthy sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines which help promote sleep, so it’s imperative that your body gets a good seven-eight hour rest per night for your mental and physical health - so keep your regular routine, rising at the same time you normally would and getting to bed at a reasonable hour is really important right now.

Sleep supports the proteins and cells of your immune system to detect and destroy bugs and germs.  Sleep strengthens your body’s immune response, and at times like these it’s more important than ever that we’re getting enough of it.


Regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight, and protects against a variety of diseases.  When we exercise, hormones are released and so exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. 

Moderate exercise also has an abundance of other health benefits, like controlling hypertension and diabetes and crucially at this time helping control anxiety and stress.

So, get off the couch and get out in the fresh air for a walk or a jog, or get some stretches in or join a workout class online right from your own home.  Any sort of exercise right now is important and once you keep your distance from others is safe.

Eating a healthy and wholesome diet

It can be really tempting to munch on snacks that you might not normally eat whilst at home right now but like your sleeping pattern it is important that you keep to routine as much as possible.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is key to an efffective, healthy immune system.  We need enough energy to make immune cells and our protective enzymes need vitamins and minerals to work effectively.

This means we need to make sure we’re eating all of our body’s requirements for vitamins and minerals as well as essential amino and essential fatty acids. Get your 5 fruit and veg a day and ensure your diet is varied one which includes carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water.

Fruit is a really important immune boosting food as it's high in polyphenols which are packed with antioxidants.  Fruit is also a great source of fibre which helps us keep a healthy gut which really helps us have a strong immune system. 

Your immune system is the key to good health, so the more you can do to protect it, the better.

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