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So the best Summer we've seen in years is drawing to a close and we are sorry to say that we are facing the prospect of lunchboxes and homework in the not too distant future.

Nevertheless, routine is good and we know that if we are organised, returning to school will be a little easier.  So here at Flynn's we have a whopping 20% off these selected products so that you can keep those young minds and bodies healthy and active as they start the next year of the education journey.

Floradix Kindervital - for children

Floradix Kindervital Flynn's Pharmacy vitamins Healthy children

This product is a delicious food supplement for children from 3 years of age.  It provides vital calcium and vitamin D which are needed for normal growth and bone development.  It has a pleasant taste, with no colourings or artificial flavourings, lactose free and suitable for vegetarians.  


ESKIMO- 3  Kids

Eskimo-3 kids Claremorris healthy kids Flynn's Pharmacy

Formulated specifically to provide key nutrients that are important to 1-12 year olds, Eskimo®-3 Kids is available in either a delicious Tutti Frutti flavour or orange flavour. With no fishy aftertaste, there’ll be no complaints from the kids about the taste.  As we all know Omega-3 is great for brain functioning like memory and concentration and along with Vitamin D3 this product is a real winner helping young children's bone development and protecting their immunity system.


Centrum Kids Chewables

Centrum kids vitamins Flynn's Claremorris

Running around, getting up to mischief, learning new skills or just bones and brains never rest!  Centrum Kids Chewables has been developed with a unique combination of balanced nutrients to support their nutrition.  Free from gluten, lactose, nuts and wheat it's an great option for busy kids who want to get their nutrients on the go!


Wellteen Him and Her

                                                                                            Wellteen claremorris vitamins teenagers


Here in Flynn's we stock a wide range of Wellteen products for today's young adults.  They are very busy people and therefore need specific nutritional support.   Ensuring a healthy, balanced diet is essential but it's not always a priority in a hectic teenage lifestyle.  They need support in terms of overcoming growth spurts, overcoming excess fatigue, brain function and bone health to name a few.  Wellteen Him and Her target each specifically to help our little darlings get through this fun but tough time.

So drop in to us here at Flynns.  Our health experts are here to help give support and advice.  We'll guide you on all your options so that you can look after your little dear as they skip out the door to school.


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